"Critic's Pick! A wide cadre of crazy acts [in] this modern variety show." -- Time Out New York

"Delivers a welcome, much-needed antidote to niche NYC." -- Culture Bot

" - Brooklyn Loft Party is the type of show that helps make New York—and specifically Brooklyn—such a great place to live." - Opplaud

Our Past Shows

Jason Jude Hill


Originally from the tree-filled state of Michigan, Jason comes from a deep background of theater arts and producing. Always the “drama club kid”, he was usually found painting sets, looking for props and costumes and trying to solve logistical “talent’ issues…little did he know he was producing all along. Along with his theater and film production background, Jason has had side careers in the arts marketing and technology sectors, all supporting his producer like mind. Colleagues have described him as a “master communicator” as well as an “organizational task-masker” with a talent for discovering issues before they happen. His hobbies include cooking, cocktails and heavy sarcasm.

Daniel Sears


Raised on re-runs and mail-order VHS tapes of classic TV shows, Daniel has always relied on classic entertainment tropes for his work, constantly seeking out how to make them work in a 21st Century format. He’s also a veteran director/producer from the Chicago storefront theatre scene, and an escapee from agency broadcast advertisingland (currently on the lam from the Dairy Fairy, btw). Maybe it’s because of the time he was moved to the back row in that production of “Brigadoon”, but he’s always championed those struggling to be heard and balked at the expected and the conventional. He has a strong dislike of Butter Pecan ice cream.

Pushy Muldowney

Associate Producer

Pushy is a comedian, writer, and actor as well as a regular contributor to the Sketch Pod Podcast by GrumpyFILMS, inc. She’s performed in some of Brooklyn’s favorite comedy showcases including "Dudes Being Dudes Being Dudes" and "Funny Ha Ha Funny Queer".